Pagan Pride Day, Oklahoma City

Pagan Pride Day, Oklahoma City.


Pagan Pride Day, Oklahoma City.

Today at this event, Church of Ahriman was thrown out by the organizers and escorted out by the police. When Adam tried to explain to the officers that Satanism was considered under Federal Law to be a form of Paganism, the officer said I don’t care what the American Government says about it. Adam responded that he had better because he lives in America. That’s not the story you’ll get out of the organizers, however; they claim that they threw them out because they were passing out flyers promoting a religious rite they will be holding on Halloween, the Apostasy rite. Strange; other Pagan groups can pass out fliers to their rituals, but not the Church of Ahriman?


(A great story please read the rest at the link provided above!)


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One Response to Pagan Pride Day, Oklahoma City

  1. shawn pilgrm says:

    This is true and i am so sorry to day that i was at this horrible event ! i myself in a since was thrown out by a negative energy a feeling that i was not meant to be there, i am not a pagan i am a witch i practice a form of witchcraft and wicca and what ever else i would like i was very very upset knowing that the satanist was thrown out ! after i left early out of rage when i found this out i lost all disrespect for the organizer of this event – Day- not only is she a horrible women she has no respect or wishes to bring together people of other religions such as paganism, she is the reason for the kicking out of the satanist ! next year we will be running out own form of pagan awareness and i will make dam sure the satanist are there with us !

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